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Why choose a nanotech mask instead of a plain fabric mask?

by Sep 18, 20200 comments

Nanotechnology fabrics are fabrics specifically manufactured to have special qualities like hydrophobicity, water-resistance and high durability. These enduring characteristics are created by weaving nanofibers (nano-whiskers) that have certain properties and by adding nanoparticles that can provide traits such as bacterial resistance and the “lotus plant” effect, which creates resistance to dirt and water. Read more about what is nantotech fabric.

Nanotech fabrics produce water resilient results

Nanotech fabrics are globally used across a whole range of industries, clothing being at the top of the list. If your wardrobe contains a soft non plastic type garment, where beads of water just roll away, you already own and are familiar with the nanotechnology effect. When you take your family camping and the British weather takes a turn for the worst or you are blazing down a ski run, your clothing and even your footwear, will be helped to keep you dry by the fantastic water resilient results that nanotech fabric brings. The medical industry has been using nanotechnology for many years now and it’s uses continue to advance. Uniforms, gloves, gowns and face masks made from nanotechnology are already staple fabrics used on our hospital wards and theatres today.

The reason it is so widely used is because the technology allows for ultra water resilience, whilst keeping the fabric soft, flexible, comfortable and wearable. The micropores in the material can filter 95 percent of tiny objects with a diameter bigger than 75 nanometers, the novel coronavirus has a diameter of about 100 nanometers.

So why choose a nanotech mask instead of just plain fabric?

Wearing a mask helps to filter out the air and guard against harmful droplets that enter/leave the nose and mouth, ultimately reducing the spread of airborne and droplet diseases. The outer layer of our masks are treated with nanotechnology for ultra water resistance! Without this nanotechnology layer the mask would be pretty useless in doing its job! Droplets would just soak through the fabric, increasing the possibility of inhaling and exhaling harmful particles. Having the nanotechnology layer means that the droplets just roll away providing a more efficient mask. It also means that the escape of droplets is protected too, ensuring that you are protecting the people around you.

A Nanotech mask surely makes sense?! If it’s good enough for the medical industry then………!!


Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives
Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives



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