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What about Mask reusability?

by Nov 13, 20200 comments

For the sake of our environment and best economical effect, a reusable mask is essential. Approximately 194 billion masks are being used each day, and with disposable masks taking 450 years to decompose, it’s not rocket science to realize what effect prolonged mask wearing will take on the environment if people continue to use disposable masks.

The cost to the environment is not the only concern, the cost to your pocket is also immense. At a comparative price of 70p per wear for a disposable mask versus 12p per wear for a reusable, there really is no question that a reusable makes sense.

Our 3 layer nanotechnology masks last up to 100 washes (our competitors offer only up to 30-50 washes), this maintains the hydrophobic nanotechnology layer for optimum usage. Read more about The Real Cost of Wearing a Mask

Watch our video to see what our customers say about our reusable masks.

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Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives
Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives



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