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What about Mask breathability

by Nov 20, 20200 comments

You would think this would be an obvious element for a face mask to have, but the most frequent question we are asked is ‘are they breathable?’.

It would seem that many masks available on the market are either using fabric that is far too dense or include too many layers, meaning that the mask then becomes difficult to breathe in. Our nanotechnology 3 layer masks are very easy to breathe in. The inner two layers of 100% muslin moisture wicking cotton is hydrophyllic, meaning it will help to prevent the mask becoming wet when you expel breath. The outer layer is the hydrophobic element (water resilient) with our 100% cotton nanotechnology fabric.

Being able to breathe in your mask is a number 1 priority, of course it is! Some of our customers tell you just how breathable MasksUK masks are in this video.

Care for each other, like we care for you, at MasksUK.

Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives
Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives



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