Washing Instructions must be followed to prevent mask damage

by May 9, 20200 comments

We have displayed instructions on how to care for your nanotechnology face mask on our website and it is also on the care label provided with your order. However, we are a little worried that these instructions may still be overlooked, as we can all sometimes overlook these type of things. But if you don’t follow them you may shrink your mask or lose the nanotechnology benefits.

Two things that will damage your mask: HEAT and CHEMICALS.

This is the same principle for most fabrics. You MUST wash with cool water/delicate cycle and with non-biological detergent. Leave to air dry, never tumble dry.

There is some confusing information out there regarding the washing away of a virus. The 60-degree washing guidelines are given to those working in a high viral load Covid-19 environment. If you work in this environment then please follow your employer’s guidance regarding your PPE.

For general use, going shopping and general life activities, the normal temperatures, like how we wash our hands, is enough to wash the mask. The cool wash temperature protects the nanotechnology face mask fabric for longer term use. Remember, we aren’t advised to wash our hands at 60 degrees to remove the virus are we? The main part in the breaking down of a viral membrane is actually the lather from the soap, as advised by Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty.

Please follow these guidelines to get the maximum life out of your MasksUK purchase.

Helen Bailey – Director, MasksUK

Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives
Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives




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